What is Digital Hygiene? 

It's a monthly newsletter on wellbeing in a digital world. Technology is ubiquitous, yet we often don't fully grasp how it affects us. The newsletter will help you find your definition of a "healthy relationship with tech"  with articles like:

Besides, it's a tiny contribution to a media literacy cause. If it helps you live a calmer and informed life - I'll be thrilled!

Who would benefit from Digital Hygiene?

People who are trying to be thoughtful about their use of technology. For anyone who wants to embrace modern technology without sacrificing their wellbeing.

Why subscribe?

Each essay is short 5-7 min read with distilled thoughts in writing. I invest time in experiments, reading, and research to present you with actionable digital well-being advice. This newsletter is a critical look at our time with technology and how much value it creates. It shares habits and tools to help reduce stress in life (especially with technology). It aspires to give you a feeling of control over your (digital) life. If this sounds interesting, please subscribe :)

About me

My name is Denys, and welcome to my little corner of the internet! Since I had my first computer - Samsung NP-N100 - I'm constantly looking for ways to make my life easier with technology. I spend a good chunk of my time learning, experimenting, and asking questions like:

  • What's a digital footprint?

  • How to stay up to date with what's happening without feeling overwhelmed?

  • How to clean and organize Google Drive to spend less on storage?

These questions become articles you see here with my own amateur illustrations. When not writing, I also like to walk or run and learn from smart people about urbanism, architecture, tech, creativity, and minimalism. 

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